Our Vision

From the very inception, we have striven to achieve one very simple but important objective: to design and build an exciting new community that will vie for excellence with the best and will be the envy of other builders in the GTA. Definitely destined to become a landmark in already popular Caledon! We will adopt the latest Green Building strategies in combination with smart, functional and pleasing designs.

Chateaux of Caledon: the benchmark for quality building and environmental friendly innovations!

› Community

We are sensitive to the needs of the local communities in all of our developments. We aim to involve the community in our design process.  For example, online registrants to Chateaux of Caledon can participate in a design survey and be invited to join us and participate at town hall design discussions.

We always enjoy participating in local community events. This past year we have been proud sponsors of the Caledon Canada Day Festival at Albion Hills Conservation Park, as well as having the privilege to sponsor and participate in the Rotary Club Wine Tasting Event in Palgrave.  We are looking forward to being further involved in the Caledon Community. When we say that we build communities, we don’t just mean new homes. 

We take pride in fusing the new with the existing: one of the reasons why we strive to employ local contractors and trades people.

› Environment

Conventional building practices are no longer acceptable in today’s marketplace.  Builders and developers alike have a responsibility to ensure that their polices and building procedures are sensitive to surrounding environments.  This is an obligation that we don’t take lightly. 

Energy Star and LEED Certification will make us leaders in Green Building.

But the certifications are just the beginning. We are exploring for you geothermal systems, rain water recycling, solar energy and new technologies that the Media has not yet reported on. Visit our site for updates

› Accessibility

In today’s new home, builders must be prepared to offer features which allow for barrier free living. 

We are very conscious of this fact and work very diligently to offer a wide range of options in all of ours homes which permit ease of access, and maneuverability.  

From elevators, to barrier free designs, we can accommodate the needs of all of our clients.  Accessibility features are becoming more and more popular, and as such we have aligned ourselves with “barrier free” industry leaders which ensures that we are able to offer the most up to date equipment.

› Construction

No corners cut!  With every one of our homes comes peace of mind.  When our clients purchase a home from us, they are trusting us to build them a quality home, which will meet or exceed their expectations. 

Today’s home purchaser is more educated and involved in the building process.  Our homes are built using only the finest materials and crafted only by people who meet our exceptional standards.  Our commitment to quality and customer service is unsurpassed. These are two of the main cornerstones in all of our communities.

Standard Features no longer have to be so “Standard”.  This is a principal that we are very passionate about.  We take great pride in offering many upgraded features in our homes as a standard to all of our clients. Our fair pricing policy ensures that our clients won’t pay outrageously marked up prices for any little extras or upgrades they would like to have in their homes. 

› Service

Our clients are as unique as each of the homes of we build, and as such all have different requirements, wants and needs.  Our service team is always available to answer questions and help our clients ensure that their questions and requests are accommodated. 

With our Service is Paramount Policy, our clients truly are part of the building process, and active forces in the construction of their new home.